Futures Group: 2005-2006's

Quick Facts:

  • 125+ NCAA & Junior A Teams in attendance
  • Assigned NCAA/Junior Coaches for each team
  • 2005-2006 Birth Year AA, AAA and Junior players
  • 4 Games guaranteed
  • Player/Coach Meet & Greet Session
  • All-Star Game
  • All games professionally refereed
  • Goaltender only sessions, with expert Goaltending Instructors
  • Junior & College Hockey Seminar
  • CCM Hockey Top Prospects Awards
  • CCM Hockey All Star Game MVP Award

All Players will receive:

  • CCM Hockey Showcase custom team jersey
  • CCM Hockey Showcase matching socks
  • Custom CCM Hockey Showcase hat
  • CCM Hockey Showcase t-shirt
  • Other available sponsor products

Tournament Schedule:

All Showcase games will be held at the the Ice Centre at the Promenade in Westminster, CO (a northern suburb of Denver). Please see map, address, & phone number for the rink on right -->

The final CCM Showcase schedule will be posted to each players secure Forms Library page inside their private CampVine My Account once confirmed. This schedule shows a list of activities during the course of the event and includes times for all games, Free practice slots, goalie sessions, player check in, the Friday Night seminars, and CCM Hockey Expo & Player/Coach Meet & Greet times . A sample schedule is available for you to download below, while the confirmed game times and team assignments will be posted to the final schedule early May.

CONFIRMED 2021 CCM Showcase Schedule

Player Check In:

Check-in runs from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm on Friday, May 28 in the main rink overlook at the Ice Centre at the Promenade. All CCMHS assigned team jerseys, socks, and apparel will be given out at that time.

Saturday Night Seminars:

The Junior Hockey Round-Table is available to all participants and their families and will be held at The Westin Westminster, right next door to the rink, on Saturday night, May 29 starting at 8:00pm.

  • 8:00-10:00 pm - Junior Hockey Round Table Seminar & Q&A


Each team/player will participate in 4 games during the weekend. All games will be 75 minutes long and consist of a 5-minute warm-up and three (3), 20-minute running time periods. All games will be refereed by 2 certified refs and will play according to USA Hockey Junior rules. That being said, for the safety of the players, we will be playing normal icing rules, not hybrid icing rules utilized at the Junior level.

Player/Coach Meet & Greet:

The Player/Coach Meet & Greet will be held on Sunday, May 30 in the mezzanine above the Blue Rink (middle rink) at the Promenade. The Player/Coach Meet & Greet will provide all coaches and players in attendance an informal environment to introduce themselves, talk, and get to know each other in an off-ice recruiting type environment. See schedule for details.

CCM Hockey Expo:

The CCM Hockey Expo will be held in conjunction with the CCMHS Player/Coach Meet & Greet on Sunday, May 30 in the mezzanine above the Blue Rink (middle rink) at the Promenade. The CCM Hockey Expo will provide a venue for all CCMHS partners and sponsors, as well as various other sporting goods and apparel companies, including CCM Hockey and Reebok Hockey, to present their wares and for CCMHS Participants to learn about the latest technology and products in the hockey world.

Team Coaches:

Each team will be assigned two permanent coaches to run the bench for all games during the weekend.

Assigned Teams:

All registered and accepted players will be randomly assigned to a team prior to the start of the event. For example, the total number of AAA players will be added up, sorted alphabetically, and then assigned to each team in a 1, 2, 3 fashion. After that the same protocol will be used to assign the AA players, then the Junior A players, and then the Junior B players to teams. It is in the best interest of the showcase, and the players, to provide even teams, and to promote the highest level of competition as possible. Unfortunately, we cannot place large groups of players traveling together on the same team.  

Each team will consist of a max of 6 Defenseman, 9 Forwards and 3 Goaltenders with equal ice time afforded to all players in every game. Less players per team equals more ice time per player per game, and of course better scouting opportunities for each participant. Team rosters will be published on Friday, May 21.

All Star Games:

The CCM Hockey Showcase All-Star Game will be held for the Futures Group at 6:30 pm on Sunday, May 30.

The coaches and scouts assigned to coach the teams in each group will be responsible for selecting the All Star Game participants for each age group. The selection process will take place after all teams have had the chance to play three games during the weekend, and will be coordinated by one of the coaches assigned to a team in that age division. At no time will the directors of the event be involved in this process. 

All Star Teams will be announced via a posting in the rink lobby, as well as a posting on our website and Facebook page. All Star game jerseys will then be available for pick up in the mezzanine near the original check in area on Sunday afternoon.

Goaltending Sessions:

There will be 3 age-specific goaltender sessions available to all CCM Hockey Showcase Participants on Friday, May 28, 2021. These goaltending sessions will be directed by professional goaltending coaches.

Futures Group Goaltending Sessions Schedule --> Friday, May 28, 2021: 

  • 1:15-2:15 pm, Green Rink = ALL 2005-2006 birth year players

Game Rules:

The Showcase will utilize USA Hockey Junior hockey rules for all games. Each penalty will result in the player spending two minutes in the box, instead of the shootout like years past. We have had requests from coaches that want to see how certain players react in man up, and man down, situations. All penalties will be 2-minute running time penalties.

Along with the standard USA Hockey rules, we will be also strictly enforcing the following rules:

If you fight, you will be subject to a hearing in front of the Showcase Directors and may be ejected from the remainder of the showcase with no refund.

If you injure a player in a malicious way, with a clear intent to injure, as determined solely at the refs discretion, you will not be allowed to play the remainder of the game in question. If it happens twice, that payer will be ejected from the remainder of the Showcase with no refund.

Full cages are required at all times for players in the Futures Group; no half-shields will be allowed at any time for players in this group. If you show up with a half-shield, you will be escorted off the ice and not allowed to return to play until you find a full cage.

CCM Hockey Awards:

The CCM Hockey Top Prospects, along with the All-Star Game MVP’s, will be selected at the conclusion of the two age-specific All Star Games on Sunday, May 30. The CCM Hockey Top Prospects will each receive a CCM Hockey hoodie, and the All-Star Game MVP will receive a 2021 CCM Super Tacks hockey stick.